About Us | Watassemo Association

Who we are

Watassemo Association for Charity was founded in 2003 by the decree of the General People’s Committee and chaired by Aisha Muammar Al-Ghaddafi until August 2011. The chairman of the Administration Board and the General Manager is now Mr. Abdurrahman Abdullah Aldbaiba based on the decree no. (03) issued by the General Board of Culture in 2015.

Our Vision

The Watassemo Charity Association seeks to eliminate poverty, support those in need and human rights on all levels, and improve education on local and international scales. 

Statement of Chairman of Administration Board and General Manager Mr.Abdurrahman Abdullah Aldbaiba

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

On behalf of the administration board and all the staff of Watassemo Charity Association, I would like to welcome you on our new website, through which we aspire to more easily and effectively provide beneficial and accurate information to all those interested in the associations’ activities, construction, and message, and the strategic importance it manifests towards the social and humanitarian situation in Libya, and the improvement it is going through and which -we hope- will   contribute to developing the society and achieve positive results. 

Our Objectives

  • Strengthening the relations and coordinate with associations, local and international organizations working in the field of human rights.
  • Providing aid and support in cases of wars, catastrophes, and different crises, and aiming to eliminate injustice and supporting just causes whether inside or outside of Libya.
  • Organizing and intensifying organized group work in the field of social, health, and service care.
  • Mainstreaming purposeful humanitarian charity work towards a better future.
  • Developing the innovative human consciousness and documenting an international day for charity works in support of those who work in the human rights fields on all different levels.
  • Perform field studies for some destructive social phenomena which hinders development and work on the prevention of its exacerbation. 
  • Working on stopping the spread of any destruction means and trying to participate in the reconstruction programs, and use whatever would achieve sustainable development and stability for the humanity. 
  • Countering all the negative phenomena including unemployment, drug abuse, and malnutrition, and fighting anything that is against humanity. 
  • Uniting the efforts and donations of individuals and private institutions and other entities with what achieves the association’s objectives locally and internationally. 
  • Taking care of the population groups which require special needs by both the local and international communities, and securing the lives of the children, the orphans, the elderly, and people with disabilities; and build their productions and vocational capacities and skills. 
  • Implementing all the contractual and investing procedures within the administrative borders of each branch. 
  • Founding training and education programs for different fields and targeting different groups locally and internationally to achieve development and improvement in the field of advanced education.

Our association has a permanent membership and is an international inspector in:

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